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1)  For a PO Box, enter the PO Box Number for House Number and "PO Box" for Street name.
2)  For a highway address, only enter "highway" as the street name.If there is more than one highway in your zipcode, you can pick the right one from the search results.
3)  Rural routes are not in the search database. Use a map or use the zipcode default.
4)  You may enter a taxable amount (such as 1000 or 232.45) to calculate taxes for that amount.

Due Diligence Notice
If a ZIP+4 area code designation is not available, or if you are unable to determine the ZIP+4 area code designation, you may utilize the tax rate assigned to the five-digit Zip Code area of the point of delivery. The statutes provide that you may only use the tax rates for the five-digit area if you have used "due diligence" to determine the ZIP+4 designation. You are presumed to have used due diligence if you attempted to determine the ZIP+4 designation by using the address lookup function found on this website. The system will generate confirmation numbers that you may wish to keep record of to demonstrate your use of the system. For transactions over $1000, you are required to keep a receipt, provided by the system, to verify your due diligence.